The Donald Grant Mitchell
Bicentennial Celebration

Commencing April 11, 2022

Donald Grant Mitchell made enormous contributions to the health and vitality of the city of New Haven. As the visionary architect of much of the city’s original park system, Mitchell worked tirelessly to ensure that New Haven residents had access to clean, vibrant and attractive public spaces. The man accomplished much in his lifetime and was endearingly committed to New Haven, his adopted home. Unfortunately, few area residents have ever heard his name, let alone have any idea who he was. This year, 2022, marks 200 years since the birth of this fascinating individual and an ad hoc committee of committed organizations has come together in the hopes of changing that.

“Wherever he happened to be, in cities at home or abroad, or tossing on the ocean, always the voices of the country were calling to him; he was ever dreaming of a cozy home surrounded by trees and flowers, and made beautiful by the simplicities of life.  Edgewood was an embodiment of his ideal of beauty in process of accomplishment.”

Waldo Dunn, The Life of Donald Grant Mitchell – Ik Marvel  1922

What started out as an idea by the New Haven Preservation Trust’s Program Committee for a stand-alone walking tour of the neighborhood around Donald Grant Mitchell’s historic “Edgewood” farm on Forest Road in Westville to mark the 200th anniversary of Mitchell’s birth has mushroomed — quite spontaneously — into a collaborative series of varying events. No less than eight organizations have come together on very short notice formulating a series of fun, informative events and activities kicking off with a birthday party on April 11th and continuing throughout much of 2022. Activities will be accessible for people of all ages to celebrate and publicize Mitchell’s many accomplishments and contributions to our city.

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